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Is there a Viagra for women, Female Viagra?

Female Viagra would be unlikely to address so many separate issues.
Researchers and therapists aren't in agreement on what female sexual dysfunction or its causes are. Without a real definition of what constitutes female sexual dysfunction, drug companies, in seeking Female Viagra, may be creating drugs before defining the problem. What many claim is needed in Female Viagra is increased libido. Lack of sexual interest is the most common sexual complaint in women, and is one that drug companies have confidence they can resolve profitably, with Female Viagra.

Female Viagra? Why? Researchers have suggested that finding Female Viagra is difficult because women have a more complex sexuality than their male counterparts, yet this argument doesn't agree with the actual research. The myth of male sexuality being less complex is not reflected in the general literature on sexuality. The workings of a penis and men's erections are better understood than the processes which govern sexual need and arousal in women. Male anatomy is not necessarily less complex, it's simply that far more time, money and effort has been spent studying male dysfunction.

Viagra Versus Female Viagra: The mechanics of Female Viagra won't be the same as those of male Viagra. Viagra, for men, alters the response to physical stimulation. Blood flow to the genitals is increased and maintained longer, allowing an erection more quickly and with less stimulation. It's not supposed to make a man want sex more frequently, nor make the sex he has feel better, but simply alter the physical reactions of his body. If the quest for the discovery of Female Viagra is no more than an effort to make women want sex more often, it isn't really addressing woman's sexual dysfunction at all. It's seeking at cross purposes to the problem. Is there a real need for Female Viagra.

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Female Viagra: The Bottom Line: The very idea of Female Viagra is tenuous, media hyped and used as a label for numerous drug treatments for a variety of female sexual conditions. These include waning of sexual interest, orgasm problems, pain during sex, and a multitude of other factors which are confused by the fact that several factors may contribute. The notion of searching for a key in the mythical Female Viagra before ever fully determining the underlying problems bears significant risks and suggests ethical difficulties.

Female Viagra: Contenders: Female Viagra, Flibanserin, was developed as an antidepressant but has been reported to strengthen sexual interest in women.
Female Viagra, Sildenafil, is claimed to provide strong sexual satisfaction for women. This version of Female Viagra is said to boost the testosterone level, strengthen libido, provide thrilling sensitivity to stimulation, and often allow extraordinary and multiple climaxes. Female Viagra with Sildenafil is said to be operative in women who've had hysterectomies or passed menopause before the age of 50. buy vidalista online no prescription
Female Viagra, Lovegra, is touted to be the female version of Viagra. It is claimed to intensify sexual pleasure for women by increasing the blood flow to the genitals, which gives a resultant increase in pleasure during sexual activity. buy vilitra online " no prescription
Female Viagra, Flibanserin, was denied FDA approval. Concern was cited over side effects and the possible interaction with other medicines.

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