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Isotretinoin For Acne

Isotretinoin is a perfect source of vitamin A. Isotretinoin is used to treat acne in combination with other anti acne medications. It works by gently controlling the amount of oil releases by oil glands in the body. Isotretinoin is the perfect remedy for any type of acne. Isotretinoin comes in a soft gel capsule and in various strengths. Isotretinoin is the most preferred acne therapy drug by most patients.

Isotretinoin Precautionary Measures And Contraindications: The use of Isotretinoin is contraindicated to patients who are pregnant. You should inform your health care provider right away if you are planning to get pregnant while undergoing Isotretinoin drug therapy. There are reported incidences of miscarriage to pregnant women who use Isotretinoin. Birth defects have been observed to babies whose mothers have been exposed to Isotretinoin treatment. Laboratory test should also be conducted before undergoing Isotretinoin. This is to check if you are clear to proceed with Isotretinoin treatment. Avoid taking Isotretinoin if you have allergic responses to the drug and any of its compositions. Breastfeeding mothers are also discouraged to use Isotretinoin. Patients who are taking antibiotics like tetracycline should avoid Isotretinoin too. Extra precautionary measures are also given to a patient 12 years of age and below.

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Important Isotretinoin Information: Before beginning any Isotretinoin treatment you have to take note of important things. You have to inform your primary-care physician right away for any past medical history that can affect Isotretinoin. Tell your health care provider if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or lactating as these too can affect Isotretinoin treatment. Inform your health care physician for any allergies like food allergies, drug allergies, and substance-related allergies before starting any Isotretinoin therapy. Medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, blood disorders, liver and kidney disease can affect Isotretinoin. Hence, it is vital to share this information with your health-care professional. There are also medicines that can affect the pharmacokinetics of Isotretinoin. Most of these drugs are antibiotics, especially tetracyclines, vitamin A derivatives, and other birth control pills. Avoid driving and operating heavy machineries while taking the drug. Ability to concentrate is lessened during drug treatment. At the initial part of the treatment acne may become severe but eventually vanishes away with a religious use of the drug.

Isotretinoin Side Effects: Reported side effects of the drugs are bleeding of the gums, feverish condition, flu-like symptoms, headache, vertigo, dizziness, drying of the skin, drowsiness, excessive sweating, cough, occasional bleeding of the nose, abnormal menstrual period, severity of acne during the initial treatment, and drying of the lips as evidenced by lip chapping. Seek health care attention right away for serious side effects like severe allergic reaction, dyspnea or difficulty of breathing, swelling of the facial structure, particularly in the mouth and tongue, tinnitus, yellowish discoloration of the skin, excessive vomiting, and excessive peeling of the skin, heartburn, and excessive edema of the lower extremities. buy aceon online no prescription

Isotretinoin Storage: You should store Isotretinoin in a safe place away from pets and minors. The recommended room temperature is 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius. Throw the drug once expired. buy aciphex online no prescription

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