Premarin: A Hormonal Replacement Medication

General Information About Premarin

The generic name for Premarin is Conjugated Estrogen. You should make sure to keep your Premarin medication out of the reach of children, and store it at room temperatures between fifty-nine and eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. Premarin tablets are water soluble and can be well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.
You should not take Premarin if, in the last year before starting Premarin, you have a history of a heart attack or stroke, liver problems, blood clots, certain cancers such as uterine or breast cancer, or any bleeding disorders including vaginal bleeding.
Make sure that you tell your doctor, before they prescribe Premarin, about all the over-the-counter and prescription medications you are taking. This also includes any herbal medications. Make sure they also know your medical history before you are prescribed Premarin.
Premarin will be started with a low dose. The physician will adjust your dosage of Premarin as needed, with a recheck every 3 to 6 months.

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Symptoms Treated By Premarin: Such symptoms include feelings of warmth in your neck, chest, and face, and intense sudden episodes of sweating and heat, called hot flashes. Premarin tablets can also be used to treat menopausal changes which include burning, dryness, and itching around or in the vaginal area, as well as painful intercourse.
Premarin is also used to help prevent osteoporosis, and to treat women who have had their ovaries removed or who have low hormone levels. It can also help to ease some of the symptoms of certain cancers in men and women that have spread through out their bodies.

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How To Use Premarin: You should take this medication with a full glass of water, but make sure to follow the directions on your prescription label. One thing you need to remember about Premarin is that you must take it at the same time each day on a regular interval. Do not take more Premarin than the physician prescribes.
Read the instruction sheet that comes with your prescription of Premarin each time you refill your medicine, as the information on the sheet may change frequently. This medication is not approved for use in children. If you do miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember, unless it is almost time for your next dosage. In that case, take the scheduled dosage, but do not double your dosage of Premarin.

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Possible Side Effects: Here is a list of Premarin's side effects that require notifying your physician as soon as possible:
- Any type of allergic reaction such as itching, hives, skin rashes, swelling on your lips, tongue or face
- Any changes or discharges in your breast tissue
- Chest pain
- Changes in your vision
- Any confusion, trouble understanding, or trouble speaking
- Dark urine or light colored stools
- Pain in the upper right side of the abdomen, vomiting, or nausea
- Severe headaches
- Leg pain, warmth, or swelling
- Shortness of breath
- Weakness or numbness in your arms, legs, or face
- Any unusual bleeding from your vagina: estrogen can increase your risk of endometrial cancer, which affects the inner lining of your uterus.
- Any trouble walking, loss of coordination or balance, or dizziness
- Yellowing of the skin or eyes

Other Side Effects: Other side effects of Premarin that do not require immediate medical attention:
- Hair loss
- An increase in hunger, urination, or thirst
- Any symptoms of a vaginal infection such as irritation, unusual discharge, or itching
- Unusual fatigue or weakness

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